Shamrock, Tamar Sailing Barge and Vigilance BM76 Brixham Sail Trawler – confirmed

Each year we try to invite a selection of boats of special interest for both the crews and public to see.  This year we had hoped to get one of the Brixham Sail Trawlers and we have just had confirmation that Vigilance will be coming.  She is a noble ketch rigged vessel of some 78feet .  Built in 1926 she originally worked with the local fishing fleet before seeing war service as a barrage balloon mooring vessel.  Her varied career has included charter and film as well as an adventure training craft in France, the Faeroes Ireland and the Isle of Man.  She is now back at her home port and proudly owned, maintained  and sailed by Brixham people.

Shamrock, the last surviving Tamar Sailing Barge is a regular visitor to the Rally, very much a centre piece and  always popular with the public, will be coming again this year.  We are really pleased to have these fine vessels along as well as having the Island Trust fleet with us.