So how did the Rally go ?

Just about every berth space we could conjure was filled with a fine collection of all manner of boats.  And the ambience amongst crews matched the sunny day .  So much so that the banter and chatter of the pontoon party on Saturday evening almost drowned out the music.  Lubrication with ale supplied from the Ship Inn and kindly sponsored by St Austell Brewery greatly helped to get it all going.  Of course the good weather which prevailed through to Sunday evening helped foster the convivial atmosphere as well.  Also it encouraged large numbers of interested visitors to come onto the pontoons to see the boats.  Locking out on Sunday morning for the Parade of Sail and Power and the racing took longer than hoped but the huge number of boats which gathered for the Parade, led out by the historic lifeboats, made an impressive and colourful spectacle cheered by the crowds that had gathered on the Citadel and elsewhere.  The racing, well what more could have been wished, conditions couldn’t have been better with the sunshine and fresh breezes.  The evening socials all seemed to go well and although we endured a wet and windy Monday with the racing cancelled, from the vibes that have been coming back to us it seems like another very successful friendly Plymouth Classic Boat Rally.