The Nao Victoria a Replica of Magellan’s boat, the first to navigate the globe will be visiting the Rally

The replica of one Ferdinand Magellan’s boats and the first to circumnavigate the globe will be joining the Rally.   Magellan’s fleet which was commissioned by Charles 1 of Spain to seek a westbound passage to the Spice Islands comprised five boats.  It set sail from Seville on the 10th August 1519 and in 1522 the  Victoria was the only to return having voyaged around 39,000 miles and circumnavigated the world.

After crossing the Atlantic Magellan discovered a passage through the island mass comprising the south of the American continent through which he sailed the fleet to find the Pacific or peaceful ocean as he called it.  All manner of disasters befell the ships and their crews and Magellan was killed  in the Philippines.  The Victoria  limped into Seville some three years later as the sole survivor of the expedition with a skeletal, scurvy ridden crew of 18 being all that survived from the original total of crews of 260.

The 89feet long three masted Nao Victoria was built in 1992 for EXPO  World Fair held in Seville that year.  She has sailed on a world tour visiting America and Northern Europe but this is her first visit to the UK.